Tired of Mille Lacs?

Most anglers in Minnesota have fished or at least know someone who has fished the "walleye Lake" Lake Mille Lacs. Billed often as the best walleye lake in the state, Mille Lac's has proved to be a great, tried and true fishery. Sometimes so great that it draws anglers by the 100's if not thousands.

On one outing in June, myself and a fellow Ninemile staffer headed up for some walleye action on the great inland sea. With over crowded boat ramps and inclement weather we soon decided to try out some of the smaller area lakes we have been eyeing up. It just got to be a bit much this time to pursue the old eye's.

With two days left in our trip, we decided to pursue some area bass. With a map and some pre-trip homework on our side we headed away from the big lake. We fished a couple of lakes, one of which produced some very aggressive smallies. With several 17", 18" and 19" boated, we both agreed that this "unscheduled" alternative lake was well worth the switch. We fished a variety of baits: spinner baits, tubes, cranks and worms. They all produced fish however, tubes won the biggest fish of the day.

A map, some homework and, a willing to try something different are the ingredients to a memorable fishing adventure. Next time you hit a busy lake, look for an alternative, you may be pleasantly surprised.