Monster Fall Walleye

Boatrule Photo of the Week:

Some of the best monster walleye fishing of the year occurs during the fall months. Most of the large fish caught during this time are females, this one is no exception - check out the belly! These beauties are devouring large quantities of food to help nourish their developing eggs.

The key to consistent fall walleye action is to match your presentation to the water conditions, weather, and the bit. This really is KEY! With the ever changing weather conditions, fall walleye action can be anything but predictable. Most of us have been told that the big ones are usually caught during the poorest weather conditions. That said, remember, unpredictable. Case in point, take our long time fishing buddy, Wade. He caught this monster 'eye on a bright day.

This walleye was caught "several miles" south of St. Paul, Minnesota while fishing the Mississippi River on Friday, October 6th. She came in at 29" - 9 lbs.

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