Measuring a beauty!

With the close of the 2006 Minnesota inland trout season came beautiful fall colors and peaceful weather along the North Shore.
Though most of the North Shore Streams were mere trickles slowly gurgling down to the big lake, a few of them carried enough water to welcome the early bird fall spawners. The rivers we fished were only a few. Some secluded inland streams and some of the mid-shore Lake Superior tributaries. The Rivers along the North Shore this time of year are prime time for Pink Salmon, Coho and even coaster brook trout. Read your regulations first! The brook trout season below the posted boundaries closed Sept. 5th. If you catch one, get her back in the water ASAP!

Back to the Pinkies… they are in. We fished a few of the rivers between Silver Bay and Cascade Park. Pinks were in all rivers fished and in good numbers considering the low, low water. We found the deep holes to be the most productive areas. Good old Hercules found his way down in these holes and managed to catch some rather bright pinkies, and a nice 21” Coho.As for the nice brookie pictured above…. Let’s just say he was worth the entire trip. He was not too happy when an egg sucking leach passed by; he crushed it! Measuring in at 16”, this boy went off too spawn another day.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Nice Brookie. That boy even has teeth!