FLW Outdoors offers richest fantasy sports payout in history

Here’s the deal: FLW is giving away $100,000 to the top fantasy player for each of the Wal-Mart FLW tournaments in 2008.

That’s seven tournaments – six regular-season events plus the yearend Forrest Wood Cup – and, thus, seven $100,000 fantasy winners.

It gets even better: In addition to those prizes, the overall cumulative points winner at the end of the season will win $1 million. That’s right: $1 million, in cash – all just for signing up and picking a few anglers.And the real kicker? This game is absolutely free to play. There are no entry fees, no hidden charges and no marketing scams involved. All you do is pick your anglers for the upcoming tournament.

Visit FLW Fantasy Fishing of r more info


Some MN fishing regulations to change on Dec. 10

Minnesota anglers should be aware of changes in fishing regulations when new rules are published Dec. 10 in the State Register, according the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

There are several changes, to many to list here. Check out the DNR LINK for all the details.


Ron Lindner enshrined...

Ron Lindner was enshrined in the National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame on October 29, 2007 for his lasting national impact to the benefit of freshwater fishing.

As an active member of the Outdoor Writers Association of America, Ron has been the guiding hand and mentor for many outdoor journalists and has played a major role in shaping the landscape of the outdoor sports industry. Click Here for full article


August in Voyageur National park

Here is a shot of a couple staffers after a hard days work product testing. That's right, product testing. We test all of our products first hand both in house and through some of our guide and pro-staff associates.

The testing this trip was on our Boatrule products along with R&D on a new product in the works. Our Boatrules are continuously under testing. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our Boatrule to ensure we continue to have the best fish measure ruler on the market.

I know what your thinking...it is just a ruler. Or is it?

Here at Ninemile Fishing Co we believe we have the best adhesive-back fishing ruler on the market. First off it is made in the USA by fishermen. We use a flexible adhesive-back vinyl manufactured by our states very own 3M, leaders in the adhesive and vinyl world. We also use printing technology and software developed right here in the states as well. Our point here is we do not take any short cuts on quality. Our philosophy is to make accurate, superior products that produce results. Our rulers do that without all the hype.

OK, back to our trip...

This particular trip took us up to Voyageur National Park to Crane Lake were we hoped to get a mixed bag of fishing under our belt... we did. Thought the fishing was a bit slow in the 90+ heatwave, we did manage to pick up enough walleye for shore lunch and a few of the prize species of Crane...Smallmouth. That is right, Smallmouth are the prize up on Crane. This lake is absolutely loaded with smallies, the key with mid summer fishing is locating them. They are not hanging to close to shore this time of year. Hint, look for suspended fish!


Say Cheese in Wisconsin

Lots of pictures this past outing in NW Wisconsin.

Not only did we say cheese often but, we ate plenty of the stuff too. FYI, there is a great cheese shop that you must stop at if you travel HWY 70 into NW Wisconsin fish country. It is located on the south side of HWY 70 just east of Grantsburg in the little town of Alpha.

As most of you know, NW Wisconsin is the Fishbowl of the state. After all, it harbors the fishing hall of fame in Hayward. To many this is Musky country, to the average angler this is walleye and panfish country. Though bass angling is certainly not new the the region, it still arguably remains second if not third to Musky and Walleye.

Over the past 10 years we have been targeting many of the lakes in this region in search of biggie Bass. In fact some of the first Rodrule pictures taking by our photographer came from this area. During the many adventures we have discovered that the waters were generally untapped with bass anglers. We spent a great deal of time fishing specifically on weekends to get an idea on fishing pressure. Though many of the more popular, larger lakes had anglers, most of the smaller (700 acres or less) had little to no bass anglers. We would often have a lake all to ourselves. Yes, yes, we would see the occasional pontooner's with bobbers but no real competition.

Next time you are thinking of trying some new bass water in the upper-Midwest, give packer country a try. There are tons of great lakes in the NW region that are waiting for you. Oh, and size? Ya, they have plenty of pigs to go around.


Tired of Mille Lacs?

Most anglers in Minnesota have fished or at least know someone who has fished the "walleye Lake" Lake Mille Lacs. Billed often as the best walleye lake in the state, Mille Lac's has proved to be a great, tried and true fishery. Sometimes so great that it draws anglers by the 100's if not thousands.

On one outing in June, myself and a fellow Ninemile staffer headed up for some walleye action on the great inland sea. With over crowded boat ramps and inclement weather we soon decided to try out some of the smaller area lakes we have been eyeing up. It just got to be a bit much this time to pursue the old eye's.

With two days left in our trip, we decided to pursue some area bass. With a map and some pre-trip homework on our side we headed away from the big lake. We fished a couple of lakes, one of which produced some very aggressive smallies. With several 17", 18" and 19" boated, we both agreed that this "unscheduled" alternative lake was well worth the switch. We fished a variety of baits: spinner baits, tubes, cranks and worms. They all produced fish however, tubes won the biggest fish of the day.

A map, some homework and, a willing to try something different are the ingredients to a memorable fishing adventure. Next time you hit a busy lake, look for an alternative, you may be pleasantly surprised.



The first time three members of the same family has been inducted into the Hall of Fame!

June, 2007 Brainerd, MN—"James Lindner is being inducted into the 2007 National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame as a Legendary Communicator for his significant and lasting contributions to freshwater angling. This award is the highest honor that can be bestowed on someone in the sport fishing community and came as a result of the prestigious National Awards Committee’s wide-ranging search for deserving individuals."

Read more on James and the Angling Edge: www.anglingedge.com


Just what is the IGFA?

IGFA is an acronym for: International Game Fish Association. They are a not-for-profit organization committed to the conservation of Game Fish and the promotion of responsible, ethical angling practices through science, education, rule making and record keeping.

"IGFA's objectives are founded on the beliefs that game fish species, related food fish, and their habitats are economic, social, recreational, and aesthetic assets which must be maintained, wisely used and perpetuated; and that the sport of angling is an important recreational, economic, and social activity which the public must be educated to pursue in a manner consistent with sound sporting and conservation practices."

Check out their website for more information. www.igfa.org