August in Voyageur National park

Here is a shot of a couple staffers after a hard days work product testing. That's right, product testing. We test all of our products first hand both in house and through some of our guide and pro-staff associates.

The testing this trip was on our Boatrule products along with R&D on a new product in the works. Our Boatrules are continuously under testing. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our Boatrule to ensure we continue to have the best fish measure ruler on the market.

I know what your thinking...it is just a ruler. Or is it?

Here at Ninemile Fishing Co we believe we have the best adhesive-back fishing ruler on the market. First off it is made in the USA by fishermen. We use a flexible adhesive-back vinyl manufactured by our states very own 3M, leaders in the adhesive and vinyl world. We also use printing technology and software developed right here in the states as well. Our point here is we do not take any short cuts on quality. Our philosophy is to make accurate, superior products that produce results. Our rulers do that without all the hype.

OK, back to our trip...

This particular trip took us up to Voyageur National Park to Crane Lake were we hoped to get a mixed bag of fishing under our belt... we did. Thought the fishing was a bit slow in the 90+ heatwave, we did manage to pick up enough walleye for shore lunch and a few of the prize species of Crane...Smallmouth. That is right, Smallmouth are the prize up on Crane. This lake is absolutely loaded with smallies, the key with mid summer fishing is locating them. They are not hanging to close to shore this time of year. Hint, look for suspended fish!